The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys!

On Sunday Max, Grant, Jamie, Jay and I decided it was time to take some of the 4x4s out for a run. (In other words, we’re a bunch of kids at heart who like to go out driving in pot holes and getting covered in mud!)

Much as we wanted to take the Range Rovers, we had to concede that they were a bit too pricy to cover in mud – and besides, we didn’t think that the couples using them for up-and-coming weddings would appreciate it much!  So, we took the Defender (which can be hired) and my Freelander.

Before we could set out on our adventure, Jay needed to do a few moderations to the vehicles.  These included ensuring that water could not get into the engines using a snorkel and raising the side exhaust at the rear.

So off we went, excitedly humming the theme tune to The A Team, to the Wild Tracks Activity Park near Newmarket.

Once there, we had the time of our lives; who needs to be 12 again?

Too late, Jay discovered that water will get in the doors and fill the cab if the vehicle is taken into water that’s too deep!

The Freelander never got stuck and even pulled out the defender! Might not be big, but she’s strong. 

It was a great day out, especially as we got very muddy.  Both vehicles need a good clean, but at least I know a good valeting company: Active Valeting!

We are planning another trip out soon to Waddon 4×4 in Milton Keynes which looks even more challenging.  Watch this space!